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Golf Clash is one of the popular gaming apps, which is why you can see several Golf Clash hack tools and Golf Clash cheats tips on the web. It earned more than $1.1 million last July, and their revenues keep increasing.

As the name suggests, this game lets you play golf on your mobile phone. It also allows you to compete with other Golf Clash players. But if you want to win every golf tournament, you need to learn some Golf Clash hack tricks and Golf Clash cheats tips to earn more coins and gems. In this article, we will give you ways to increase your coins and gems as well as some tips to beat more opponents.

Similarities and Differences Between Golf Clash and Clash Royale

People who play both Golf Clash and Clash Royale may notice the similarities and differences between the two games. If you take a closer look at both gaming apps, you will see that both games use a quite similar structure.

 Both Clash Royale and Golf Clash require beating your opponent to win the game. For the winner, he or she will get a treasure chest with a card, which he or she can use to upgrade his or her statistics.

In addition to the structure, the timeframe of the tournament of both mobile games is the same. Each tour or round will only last for about 3 minutes. The only difference between these two mobile gaming apps is the theme. Clash Royale requires you to beat imaginary creatures. Golf Clash—on the opposite hand—involves defeating real folks through golf tours.

Just like in golf, players must earn a minimum score to win. However, if there’s a tie, they need to get as close as possible to the pin with a single shot to win the round. The Primary Uses of Coins and Gems in Golf Clash Coins and gems are the currencies used in this game. 

For this reason, many players are looking for Golf Clash cheats and hacking tips to increase their profits. So, what are the purposes of these currencies? Let’s talk about the coins first. Coins are the important money in this game. It is used to enter any tournament. You can also spend it on upgrading your golf clubs to make them more powerful and accurate.

Meanwhile, gems are used for buying almost everything – from the latest Premium Golf Balls to Tour Chests. You can also use your gems to open locked chests instantly.